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About Weddings Around

Surround Yourself with the Hunter's best Wedding Venues

Getting married in the Hunter Valley?

We think that the Hunter Valley is an amazing place, sprawling vineyards, and wineries in one direction; vibrant coastal towns in another. It’s not hard to see why more and more out of town couples want to get married in the Hunter and take advantage of a long lazy weekend wedding enjoying all the activities that the Hunter Valley has on offer.

Wedding Planning

There are so many options for wedding venues nowadays, historical sites, wineries and restaurants, parks, beaches, museums to name a few. There are also many more options on how to theme your wedding, whether you hire a wedding planner to take the pressure off or go it alone and create your own wedding style.

It’s not always convenient to get out to the Hunter Valley and have enough time to visit all the wedding venues in the area. Weddings Around want to give couples more visual insight into what they can expect from a venue without ever having to physically visit.

Surround Vision

We are Chris and Jacqui and we are both photographers, we settled down with our family in the Hunter Valley when we had our first son and we’ve never looked back. We truly love it here and we want to share it with you in the best way we can. We use Surround Vision technology to create 360° images of each venue's main spaces so that brides and grooms can click on a photograph and move around to view the area from all angles. You can see where you might stand for your ceremony and where the family might sit, you will see the layout of the reception area and get more idea of the atmosphere and views you might experience. It’s also a way to share your thoughts and get opinions from family and friends by showing them your favourite venues.

View wedding venues from the comfort of home

We think Weddings Around is a great first stop on your wedding venue hunt journey around the Hunter Valley and you can do it all on your computer or mobile device from the comfort of home.