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A Multiple Award Winning Florist

Yeng Tan has gained a well-earned reputation as a florist who provides outstanding personalised service and attention to detail.

Yeng is passionate about her work and ensuring that the floral displays and bouquets for your wedding are perfect and outstanding.

Yeng Tan Floral Designer

Wedding Bouquet

Yeng’s creativity and professionalism have seen her win several awards from the bridal industry.

Her experiences, innovations and love are shown on all her designs and are admired by all who see them.

Even though Yeng has been the recipient of these awards, Yeng’s reputation precedes her and most of her work is through word of mouth and referrals from satisfied clients.

To gain an idea of the types of arrangements and creative floral designs that Yeng has created, please look at her photo galleries.

Yeng Tan Floral Designer

Floral arrangement at Wedding Reception